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Empower your business with the transformative potential of AI, unlocking a future where data becomes your greatest asset, with optimized decision-making and innovation without bounds.

Let's first
talk about you...

Arts & Crafts

AI and data science are complex and rapidly evolving fields, making difficult decisions about what, when, and how to implement data-driven processes to solve business problems.

Let's face it:

  • Is your data actually available for the projects?

  • Is it good-quality data?

  • Can you extract value from it and provide insights for your business?

  • Are you able to develop and deploy AI systems in production?

  • How is the AI literacy in your company?

  • Do you have in-house expertise and talent to handle such projects?

If you're struggling with these issues, you probably need an AI expert to support your team. 

You need to take concrete actions to boost your AI data strategy, and I can guide you through the process. Let me show you what I’ve done!

Now about me...

In the rapidly evolving data landscape, I'm wearing a double hat as a full-stack data scientist and data engineer, being a team leader with a results-driven mindset focused on cross-functional collaboration.

From statistical analysis, data engineering, and machine learning (ML) to cloud technologies, I craft products to achieve
business goals.
Thanks to my solid software engineering foundations, I've brought value by developing
ETL data pipelines, restful APIs, generative AI, deep learning, and computer vision products, following CI/CD processes.
My strong research background, proven by multiple AI/ML articles I've
published, allows me to methodically dissect a problem to understand it before committing to development. A deep understanding of ML algorithms and data processes makes me bring informed decisions to build valuable products correlated with the business.

With about
ten years of experience in the automotive, healthcare, energy, microelectronics, research, and education sectors, I've acquired significant experience solving complex problems and building first-rate products. I promote professional and human growth in the teams I've worked with, always encouraging them to reach the next level. Together we're stronger, delivering faster results to contribute to the organizational prosperity.

GUTIERREZ Leonardo 2019_edited.jpg

Dev stack.

Main development tools and frameworks. Contact me for more complete info.


Some Metrics.

Your journey to excellence begins with a partner backed by a rock-solid foundation of skills and proven success.

+10 years

Experience in the AI and data science  market.

+50 Students

Lecturer in AI, data science in Belgium and Colombian universities.

Image by Jonas Von Werne

+100 Citations

Research articles published in international journals and conferences

6 Industries

Successful projects across the automotive, energy, healthcare, microelectronics, research institutions, and education sectors.

3 Languages

and counting...

Consulting in English, French and Spanish.

Short Bio.


Leonardo received a Ph.D. degree in Applied Mathematics from the University of Louvain, Belgium, and an MS.c. in Industrial and Applied Mathematics from Grenoble Alpes University, ENSIMAG, France.

Furthermore, he has a BA. in Systems Engineering - and B.Math. degrees from the Colombian School of Engineering, Bogota, Colombia.​

Leonardo's research interests include AI, Machine Learning in Industrial Applications, Network Science, Data Mining on Graphs, and Neuroscience. His research has been published in numerous international journals and conferences, where he has been a speaker.

Despite working in the industry, Leonardo has been a lecturer for many years, teaching AI and applied mathematics to undergraduate students at the Colombian School of Engineering, Bogotá (Colombia).

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